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Who are we?

RE/MIND is co-founded by Olympic Gold medalist snowboarder Julia Dujmovits and serial entrepreneur & investor Chris Rynning. Julia and Chris are both active meditation, yoga and conscious breather practitioners, they have each felt the benefits of the daily practice. At the same time they feel the need for the world to come together is stronger than ever.

What makes RE/MIND different from other platforms?


While most self-care apps offer tools to work on your own individually, RE/MIND focuses on the community. We invite you to join the #Breatholution and the free RE/MIND Breathing app.

How can you help?

RE/MIND offers the space for people to come together, but a platform is nothing without its community. We need YOU to join our community, we need YOU to learn and work with the tools we are sharing with you. We need YOU to dedicate 1 minute of your day to consciously breath with us. We need YOU


<<Breathing together is the new hug>>

Why are we doing this?

Social and economic injustice, virus and natural disasters are causing havoc across the world, ravaging economies and families. The need for humanity to come together and connect has never been more important. We are reaching out to you to help the world heal by breathing together for one minute.

RE/MIND target the growing number of people around the world that experience loss of meaning and purpose, alienation, powerlessness, loneliness, anxiety in some way, whether it is in their work, their life or in their relation to others. We address need for change and empowerment, and we provide simple tools to initiate change. We believe everybody can recognize feelings of stress, sadness, and anxiety. Mindfulness and human connections were a “nice to have” but now it is “must have” for all people. That is why Julia and Chris created a free, non-political breathing app for everyone to enjoy one minute of conscious breathing with likeminded people.


Julia is an Olympic snowboard gold medallist, surfer and yoga instructor on a mission to make the world a better place. Julia co-founded ReMind Company to find her mindfulness and flow both as an athlete and entrepreneur.


Chris is a Norwegian investor, author and entrepreneur residing in Barcelona. A start-up expert, Chris co-founded ReMind Company to share both his success and failures in life and work.

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