Erika Lust

Erika Lust is an acclaimed indie erotic filmmaker who creates sex-positive adult cinema by portraying relatable characters, realistic hot sex and offers an alternative to mass produced mainstream pornography. She is a proponent of the female gaze and defends the importance of having women behind the camera.

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The perfect ally to help create a realistic and natural environment for good sleep, relaxation or meditation. Not only it has 7 white noises, it also has 7 fan sounds, 8 nature sounds and 2 lullabies, with the added night light feature it is also perfect to incorporate in a babies sleeping routine.

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A revolutionary approach to female sexuality that focuses on relaxation as the key to achieving deep orgasmic states – Explores how receptive feminine energy influences the male-female exchange – Reevaluates the role of the clitoris, breasts, and vagina in achieving orgasm – Provides ancient tantric meditations for increased sensitivity and awareness Fulfilling sex nourishes love, rejuvenates the body, and boosts mental health. Unfortunately, prevailing attitudes in the West work against the natural capacity of women to realize their sexual potential and experience deep orgasmic states. Tantric Orgasm for Women offers women a fresh look at the ecstatic bliss possible within their bodies, using knowledge and approaches from the sensually cultivated traditions of the East.

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