Mark Whitwell

Mark Whitwell is from New Zealand and lives on the international dateline, teaching yoga to East and West in all directions. He fell in love with his breath and life in 1973 with his heart of yoga teacher T.K.V. Desikachar. He is currently offering an online Immersion into personal yoga breathing by donation at

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The sense of smell is strongly connected to the part of our brain that process emotions and memories. Having earth smells will help you reach the point of relaxation and comfort easier. We recommend to use it at night since it has the added value of the light function, the security system that will make it turn off automatically if it runs out of water, so you can fall asleep using it without a worry. It comes with a small selection of essential oils which is great to try to find your favorite. Our personal favorite is Eucalyptus

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No matter your age or health or cultural background, you too can experience the power and feel its effects on every aspect of your life. “You can have what you really want. Really. And that is my promise to you. The Promise Practice will give you sublime connection to life in new and interesting ways that the usual lifestyle does not touch. And it is easy. You will feel an intimacy with life in every way including your potential to love and be loved with strength and receptivity. This I promise.”

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