Conscious Breathing!

Breathing…. We all breathe, yet we rarely pay attention to it.

This week our co-founder Chris Rynning hosted a global breathing session for SoHo House. Chris went into details on the benefit of breathing and also led a de-stressing session for the SoHo House members.

Watch the session here:

Conscious breathing is known to reduce stress, improve health and performance. No matter if you are young, old, an athlete, a businessperson, work, or study at home, RE/MIND and “breathing” can help you with small, yet effective tools that trigger big changes. At RE/MIND, our tools and our methodologies are developed by an Olympic gold medallist, backed-up by world class entrepreneurs and scientists.¬† Remember you can download the free RE/MIND app and join a global community for guided breathwork sessions. Every day our community breathe in sync on the RE/MIND app. You can also upload your own breathing sessions to share with the world.


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