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RE/MIND was co-founded by Julia Dujmovits, the Austrian snowboard gold medal winner from the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, and Chris Rynning, a Norwegian entrepreneur and investor.

The RE/MIND community consists of a wide range of athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, and celebrities that come together at 6 pm Central European time every day for a one-minute breathing session to connect with each other, destress and focus. The platform is free and non-political. 

The RE/MIND app is a health and breathing app that provides daily, free one-minute breathwork classes lead by leading athletes and entrepreneurs for everyone seeking alignment, connection, and focus. Unlike other breathing apps you do not practice alone. The daily one-minute sessions are completed by all users simultaneously, aligning people and providing a unique sense of community and connection with people all over the world.

The world is going through a lot with viruses, racism, and polarised politics ravaging communities, families, and countries. The need for humanity to come together and connect as one has never been more important. Notable personalities that hosts the one-minute global breathing sessions include Lakshmi Manchu (Indian actress and movie producer), Erika Lust (feminist, movie producer), Bill Tai (iconic venture capitalist, Zoom investor and founder of the ACTAI community), Alexandra Jekova (Olympian and professional kite surfer) and Christian Redl (11 time world record holding free diver).

Chris and Julia both use breathing to calm down, fight fear and perform at a higher level, while connecting with other people. Both Julia and Chris have been through “ups and downs” in their career. Julia came back several times from injuries to win gold at the Olympics. Chris found that breathing techniques helped him fight sadness and distress after a business stress.

Julia and Chris think that breathing together is both the “new hug” and a “must have” for humanity to find sustainable and peaceful ways forward.

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